The Studio

Henry & Tunks is a ceramic brand and product design studio.

The studio currently focuses on functional ware for the table and planters. Our forms are simple and functional, we craft designs with longevity in mind.

Each piece is handcrafted and unique. The ware is produced using small scale production techniques from Australian sourced clay and materials. The predominant technique used is slipcasting liquid clay into plaster moulds. This allows a consistency of form, however due to the handcrafted nature of the ware and the often unpredictable process of firing the result is not identical. The process produces forms with an unlimited range of outcomes. This is an integral part of our work and each piece is allowed to tell its own story.

About Me

After school I enrolled in Art School and undertook two Advanced Diplomas, one in Ceramics and one in Fine Arts. All up I was there for about 5 years, I never wanted to do anything else other than create so naturally I loved it, it was truly so much fun, and I learnt so much. However, the most important discovery that I made was that I am not an artist, I am a designer. I like function, I like to understand how you will interact with an object, how you will live with it and how you will use it.

With this knowledge I enrolled in an Industrial Design Degree and again I loved it but I also realised I didn’t want to do what was being taught, that is design disposable objects that are produced in the thousands by others.

I wanted to design objects that people want, beautiful products that would last. I wanted to make these objects and I knew that clay was the perfect medium to achieve this. My current process inhabits a world of in between and draws upon my experience at art school, my knowledge as an Industrial Designer and has a healthy dose of craft thrown in for good measure.

Lyndel Henry